Saturday, August 18, 2012

BC/HRF Fantasy Cap: Race 3 - The Alabama

At least I’m not alone.

That’s what I’m telling myself in the Fantasy Capping Contest for charity sponsored by Hello Race Fans and the Breeders’ Cup anyway. 

Ernie Munick still leads off the strength of his Whitney exacta.  Bobby Flay picked up a few more points and he sits alone in 2nd with 100.  Chris Rossi and Team Rotondo are tied at 89 with JJ Hysell alone at 58 and three tied at 50.  Blissfully there are 11 other shut out, but I’m aiming to change that in the Alabama at Saratoga this afternoon.

It seems to really come down to two horses: Questioning and Grace Hall.  Grace Hall is probably the best in this field but should Questioning shake lose early, she’s going to be mighty tough to catch.  I wasn’t thrilled about going exacta box again, but I’m really convinced that these two are simply better than the rest, so that is how I go:

EXACTA BOX: Grace Hall and Questioning

It won’t pay a lot, but it should get me off the shnide!

If you’re in the contest…good luck!

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