Saturday, August 25, 2012

BC/HRF Race 4: The Travers

I'm wussing out this a degree.  I have to hit the board, I simply can't get shut out.  At this point I probably should be trying to nail a few exactas to climb back into contention, but the thought of going 0-fer is gnawing at me.

Ernie Munick is still on the lead on the strength of the first week exacta with Bobby Flay maintaining his grip on second with 110 points and the rest of the top 9 still bundled up between 50 and 89 points.  The rest of us are at zip.  I have company, but I'd like to at least be on the board and then attack this thing from the front end...okay, from a position on the board.

Looking at the PPs (We can talk about the defections, but why?  They're not racing, ergo, they don't matter.) it doesn't appear that there is much speed to challenge Alpha and if he's loose on the front end then Nonios will be chasing him around the track much like he did Paynter in the Haskell.  I like Nonios in here if someone goes, but I'm not sure anyone will.

Because I don't think that there is going to be challenging speed, I think Alpha takes this field wire to wire.  My wager is a place wager on Alpha to try and grab a couple of points even if he should falter on the lead and get caught late.

WAGER: $20 place on Alpha

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