Sunday, August 26, 2012

On the Leaderboard in HRF/BC Challenge; Tabby Struggles


The race went about as I had thought.  The morning of the race there were two scratches.  I didn’t think either horse could win, but both had some early speed and Tabby needed early speed if she was going to be any factor in this race.  The fractions set by Indy Senorita and picked up by Fast Flight Tonite were fair enough and gave me some hope (:22.24; :45.08) but I needed better than fair and THAT we didn’t get.  Dean Butler, aboard Miss Nasty rather than Tabby (a wise decision I may add), took control mid-lane and drew off to win by nearly 2.  Tabby passed a few tired ones to finish 6th.  Less than impressive but going 6 furlongs, I really didn’t expect impressive.

While we knew she was going to have a difficult time anyway, we learned that she had a “blah” morning, if you will.  Usually Tabby knows that its race day by the change in her routine and she gets a bit keyed up.  However she was just dull around the barn all morning and she ran early like she just wasn’t into the race at all.  Jockey Alex Canchari even mentioned after the race that he just couldn’t get her involved early.  Tabby in a sprint is tough enough.  Tabby not getting involved in a sprint is a disaster.

We’ll see how she comes back and then decide if she can go in a quick return next weekend.  The plan is to turn her out for the winter and come back to Canterbury for the summer.  No Tampa this year, but more on that later.


I’m on the board and ready to roll.  As you know, I took Alpha in the Travers and played it safe with my mythical $20 wager in the Hello Race Fans/Breeders’ Cup Fantasy ‘Capping  Charity Challenge.  The way I thought the race would be run was wrong but the result was solid.  In fact, the dead heat with Golden Ticket made the result even more than solid.

I had some trepidation betting to place.  I really thought Alpha was the best in the race and thought I was really running a bit scared only wagering to place.  However the dead hit generated a rare result: the place payout was higher than the win payout.  While Alpha paid $4.10 to win, he paid $5.10 to place resulting in 10 additional points from playing it “safe”.  So now I sit in 7th place, still 331.50 behind the leader, Ernie Munick, but on the board and in the top 10 poised to make a move and secure in the knowledge that no matter what happens from here on out, I will NOT be shut out.

If I can make a sustained bid and come out on top, the proceeds will benefit the Minnesota Retired Racehorse Project.

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