Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It's Rescue Time

From time to time I dedicate this space to horses in need of rescue. I try not to overdo it as this is about Owning Racehorses, not Rescuing Racehorses and besides, people don't want to be chronically hit over the head. Once a month to share stories and, yes, plead for help, is not too often I don't think. In fact, it's part of our obligation as race horse owners. This space has been used by folks like Janine Starykowicz of the Illinois Equine Humane Center, the Southern California Thoroughbred Rescue and, of course, old friend Karin Wagner of Neigh Savers.

This month we're focusing on a Thoroughbred gelding named Dark Nose (Bertrando - Cookin Vickie - Far Out East) who came to Neigh Savers by surprise. The van pulled up to Destiny Ranch with it's expected load of a single horse and out came four! The other three horses were in pretty good shape but Brownie (as he is nicknamed) is in pretty tough shape. He is lame on three legs, has locking knee cap syndrome, an old bow, a sore check ligament and a potential stifle problem. This six-year old sweetie has a great disposition and a will to live, but without help, it simply won't happen. His issues are many and resources are precious few.

Click on the Destiny Ranch link above and see more pictures of Brownie and the other horses boarding at the Ranch. If you can, please help Brownie with a donation. Every little bit helps.

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