Friday, May 15, 2009

Working For the Weekend

At least that's how it works for most folks. This weekend, it's working all weekend! Of course when you;re in the racing business, that's how it has to be. And if you're a trainer, groom or rider...well, then it's part of the fabric of your life.

This weekend is a busy one. We're finally opened up at Canterbury Park and live racing begins tonight at 7 PM CDT. The threat of some thundershowers are hanging over us a bit, but hopefully they'll stay away and the bright sunshine that greeted me when I rolled out of bed this morning will stick around all day.

My plan this weekend: live Tweeting (click to start following me on Twitter) from Opening Night tonight with a Blog to follow complete with photos; I Am Woman goes again tomorrow afternoon right before; the Preakness Stakes; live Tweeting from the Upper Midwest Two Year Olds in Training sale with a Blog follow up; a brief preview of Fizzy Pop's race on Sunday; live Tweeting from the races on Sunday; a final follow-up Blog recapping a very busy weekend.

Unfortunately some coverage is going to suffer and, because this blog is Owning Racehorses not Picking Stakes Winners, it's going to be coverage of the Preakness. That said, click on the TBA logo above and you'll be swept off to the Thoroughbred Blogger's Alliance homepage where opinions and analysis abound!

My two cents: another intriguing race. I love the filly and think, if she's good as she seemed in the Oaks, the boys'll wish they blocked her out but there are some sound reasons why she might not be the choice in here. There is the threat of rain at Pimlico (well, word is it poured all last night in Baltimore) and maybe the stars are aligning for Mine That Bird. I think this is a race to watch rather than wager unless you have sound reasons for bouncing out the favorite. To me, Pioneerof the Nile showed me something on the dirt. Sure, it was sloppy dirt, but dirt none the less. He's my pick in here followed by Rachel Alexandra and I'd have to wheel the tri here with Papa Clem, Musket Man, Friesan Fire and yes, the speedster Big Drama to perhaps hold on for a piece. That said, this is too chalky a tri for me and I'll just be enjoying this one at Canterbury Park.

The other story getting the short shift this weekend will be I Am Woman's race. She's in the 10th at Pocono Downs tomorrow a NW$4250 in Last 5 Starts or NW3 Lifetime. She qualifies under the money condition and, with a purse of $8500, she's theoretically stepping up a bit in class from her Late Closer last weekend where she finished a dismal 6th. With Tim Tetrick in the bike, she has a shot, but if she can do it, it'll be at a price. I'm hoping to catch her race live before I head down to Shakopee to cover the sale.

It's going to be a very busy weekend, but we're racing again and that never feels like work!

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G. Rarick said...

Looks like we'll all be working! Good luck to all of yours - and yes, I know how you feel - it's great to be racing again.