Friday, October 16, 2009

Up and Down, Up and Down

Our lead wasn't as strong as I would have liked it to be. Bernell checked out the young filly he called me about this past weekend and she was nothing special. I didn't expect her to be, really, for the price we were quoted for her but here is how I was hoping the conversation would go:

"Teddy, she looks pretty good. Not as developed as she should be, but that's something I can work on. I think she has a good future with a little luck and work."

"Fantastic!" I would say. "We're all in this together, let's go!"

Not so much.

She was a decent looking individual, but nothing special. The asking price appears to have been the top end of what she was worth and these days there is no sense in that. So we get back on the roller coaster and see where it takes us.

I Am Woman Back at Saratoga Raceway

Filly I Am Woman is back at Saratoga tonight. She's staying at the same level and that worries me a bit. Two races back was nice, but last out was not so great. I was hoping for a step up in improvement from one race to the next, but that didn't happen. I was hopping for a drop in class, but that didn't happen. The possible upside is that there seems to be softer competition in Saratoga than at Monticello. Another upside is that she is moving inside a few notches from the eight hole, so that works out as well. I hesitate to break down the race as I end up getting my hopes up, so we'll just watch the 4th at Saratoga tomorrow and see what happens!

ReRun Thoroughbred Adoption on Blog Talk Radio

Please click the Blog Talk Radio stream to the left to hear my conversation with Felice Busto, Vice President of ReRun Thoroughbred Adoption on my Blog Talk Radio show Wednesday night. She had great insight into thoroughbred adoption and the issues that face our retired racers. Thanks to Felice for being my guest and doing fabulous and necessary work.

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