Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I'll be spending the evening finishing up the financials and getting checks ready for the Fizzy Pop group. While we didn't win money, we didn't lose too much AND we got three photos for the wall for the last 18 months. That's not too bad. I've been able to determine that we'll keep a little less than half our small group together for another run and there are folks stepping in to take the place of folks who left. We're still a bit short as far as capital goes, but then I'm in no hurry either so we have time to get more folks involved. What's important is making sure that when we pull the trigger that it's on the right horse that can give us a solid run for our money.

It looks like I'll be ending my dabble in harness racing in the next month or so. I Am Woman, who was drilled again the other night, will get some class relief (finally) in her next start and may even be sold in November. I'm OK with that. I really thought she was going to be a good one, but she's been mediocre at best. She can probably do well at lesser venues and fairs, but simply cannot compete in Pennsylvania and New York where the purses are the best. While it's nice to get a horse in a race every week or so, losing consistently is never any fun. It's also much harder when you can't pick her spots and as a decidedly minor partner, I am not able to do that. I don't meant to imply that VIP hasn't done a nice job of keeping folks informed - they have. I think that I just have become used to having more control and the ability to communicate directly with the trainer to chart the course for my horses. I'm not throwing out the book on Standardbreds, but if I do so again, it'll be regional (IA, MN, IL) as the point man rather than remote as a minority owner.

So with Fizzy having moved on and I Am Woman possibly on her way as well, I'll be consolidating it all into the next group or two with the goal of getting a runner for Tampa/Canterbury this winter/next summer. I'm not ruling out a minority run at a horse in California just yet, either. The last time I did that it went pretty well and I was more involved in the process. It looks to be quiet for a bit, but Tampa will be here before you know it!

Tomorrow Night's Show

Tomorrow night's show on Blog Talk Radio looks to be a shorter one. I'm going to spend a bit of time talking about putting together your own group and what's involved and what some of the pitfalls could be. I don't see us going the full half hour, but I hope that it will be informative!


Anonymous said...

Ted, could you summarize your main points for those of us who surf the web silently and those missed your Blog Talk Radio show?

Ted Grevelis said...

Hi Anon. Thanks for reading. You can click on the player on the left to hear the latest show, but in this case you'd hear the last show tith Rerun Thoroughbred Adoption. I came down with something earlier this week and had to cancel the Show this week so I don't have anything to summarize! I'll post again when I reschedule it. Thanks.