Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Next Month

As I sit and write from the Motor City Hotel and Casino before starting the day, I realized that the next two weeks are jam packed with horse and non-horse activities. Some will keep me from my keyboard and others will have me rushing towards it.

Obviously I am touring Detroit today for IGT. This will necessitate another postponement of my Blog Talk Radio Show this evening, which I'm bummed about because I missed last week's show with a nasty stomach ailment. Next week I'll also be touring for IGT (back in Detroit for a bit of it in fact) so next week's show is out as well. Sadly, that was the show prior to the Breeder's Cup, so I need to find some way to carve out an hour in the early hours of Friday morning to make the show available for download. I could easily get a show for Saturday morning, but that would mean I would miss "Ladies" Day - which could be the more compelling of the two days! So just as listenership has reached an all-time high (if you can consider a month and a half being all-time), I'm hamstrung for three consecutive weeks!

As mentioned previously, the Fizzy Pop group is buttoned up. Checks will go out on Friday. It's a sad, but exciting day as one door closes, but a new door will be opening as we start to earnestly look for our next charge.

On the home front, Forrest, my 9 year old, is making the trip to Minnesota for his track break on Sunday. He'll be with me the next two weeks and then we both head to Las Vegas in mid-November. He's going to spend the last half of his track break with his mom and I will be attending the Global Gaming Expo. My hope is that I will have some time before show hours to talk a walk and check out some racing related booths. My schedule is already filling up quickly for that week, but I'm hoping I can slip away for a bit before the floodgates open one of the days.

So November promises to be a very full month. How often I get to here is open to debate, but I'm going to try, especially as horse events warrant! Stay tuned and please stay in touch - especially if you're looking for a piece of the action!


Anonymous said...

Well Ted glad I found you again--when your computer expires and you set up a new one it takes a while to get all the missing parts back together--anyway you're back on the favorite's list-so don't keep away too long.


PEM said...

Oh yeah-ex horse Supah Soup in at Churchill tomorrow 7th race I believe for beautiful (and still good friend) Vanessa and her VOODOOMON STABLE--and Forbidden Colony--the greatest flash in the pan since Chris Sabo--in the 1st Thursday at Calder-ex rider Gary Boulanger the conditioner.