Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hurry Up and Wait

There really isn't any hurrying up to do, really more like just waiting. Valid Port is shelved with a minor tendon strain; East Coast weather has hindered I Am Woman's ability to train down enough to qualify at Yonkers or the Big M; Miss Belle Express is moving along nicely, but she still has a month or so to go; Fizzy is still a couple of weeks away from a timed work. Lots and lots of waiting.

Not that there isn't anything to do. I just spoke with the Florida state office at Tampa Bay Downs to straighten out some licensing information. I'll be mailing a check down there later this week as well to the bookkeeper to make sure we are set when Missy and Fizzy are ready to burst from the starting gate. I've got transport bills to pay and finances to organize for year end accounting. All in all I am busy, but not with racing - which is, of course, the best of part of this entire process!

The Holidays are a happy interjection during this time. A house full of people on Christmas, a small gathering of folks on NYE at the house and my folks visiting in the middle have all made the time move by a little faster. It's tough waiting for that race, though.

I really can't complain. Here are a couple of snippets of e-mails I received from friends and partners over the past few weeks:

"I now have 3 horses injured and 2 running."

"That was my last healthy horse!!!"

Knock on wood, only Porter has an injury and it appears to be relatively minor, so things could be worse. All things considered, I'd rather be just waiting...

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PEM said...

You know Ted it's a funny game--yesterday had a horse that at one point was like an 0-13 maiden-with that infamous asterisk next to the odds in the DRF virtually every time--finally busted through winning 3 of 4--granted at the very bottom rungs-but did seem to at the very least figure something out...well he was a cheap horse but I guess he had earned some time off.

Anyway this guy just missed winning an allowance race yesterday off the shelf. At 16-1.

Patience is not my long suit-I was cajoled into giving him the time off-but it seemed to work miracles. I know it's a bad feeling missing those races-and then when you get them right again it seems the race you're pointing for either is not written or doesn't fill (man do I know THAT feeling!) but if you can remain patient -and trust me...that's tough when you're signing those monthly checks-anyway it just might pan out for you!