Friday, December 26, 2008


Valid Port strained a tendon a wee bit and will be scratched tomorrow. How very disappointing but always better to be safe... It looks like we're done for 2008 and, fingers crossed, everyone'll be back up and starting the end of January/early February.


Steve Zorn said...

This can be an endlessly frustrating game. Seven horses in our stable at the moment, and not one will be racing for at least a month. Winter vacations, injuries, need more time to develop, etc.

But it's important to do the right thing for the horse. I just hope your partners understand.

Ted Grevelis said...

Thanks, Steve. This is a horse that I actually own 10% of myself to test out the Northern Cal market. It was disspointing in that we would have liked to have got one more start out of him for the year as he had some enforced time off when no races were filling for him earlier, but it is what it is.

Sorry to hear about your horses. There seems to be quite a bit of that going on right now. I know several folks in the same situation all over the country!

Valerie said...

An owner I know at Penn National has healthy horses ready to run, but due to the many cancelled dates recently he can't get them into a race. One race alone had 42 entries! How frustrating :(