Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year and Happy Birthday!

Sure, it's the New Year, but with the New Year comes something even more special: a racehorse's birthday. In order to make it easier to track a horse's birthday to make sure it fits age conditions (not that there was ever any hanky panky with racing), it was determined that all racing horses' birth date, for the purposes of racing, would be January 1. So not only do we celebrate the promise of a New Year, but we also celebrate the birthday of our equine friends. To all of them I wish a safe, sound and prosperous season of racing. In particular, I would like to wish our friends:

Fizzy Pop - may your five year old campaign be your best yet;

Miss Belle Express - may your four year old season finally bring you to a race track and with it the joy of winning;

I Am Woman - may your three year old campaign bring with the fulfilment of the promise of your breeding and erase the disappointment of your abbreviated 2-year old campaign;

Valid Port - may your four year old season bring you continued success.

Somerset Sam & Somerset Wish - continued joy, contentment and love in your retrements.

Best wishes to all their human connections as well for a happy and healthy New Year. May the new year bring you much happiness and joy!


Ryan said...

Nice tidbit of information Ted. Good luck with your horses this year!

rather rapid said...

Ditto. Best of luck in 2009!