Friday, October 24, 2008

Day 1 Complete

The fillies and mares have had their day in the sun. Sunday would have been a better day if you have to split them up, but maybe that's just me. Though I can't imagine that I'm the only one that was sitting in an office unable to get a feed on the computer. Apparently while all ADWs were allowed to take wagers, all were not allowed to broadcast the signal. At least my ADW, BetPad, didn't get to. I could see every other track they carry, just not the BC. Of course those of us that can't stream espn.360 were therefore simply shit out of luck.

Why weren't the ADWs allowed to show the signal? I have no idea. Maybe they were afraid that if they did, people would watch on their 18" computer screens rather than their 46" HD TVs and totally screw ESPN out of dozens of viewers. I know for me an a fairly large sampling of my friends all it did was keep us from enjoying all the races but the Classic - and even then it was only those of us in the Central time zone and East. If you are Mountain or West you were just simply screwed. Way to go...great call. All this talk about the sport in trouble and you shut off the world, not only by having it on a Friday, but by blacking out the signal. Thanks.

On to the recap of my picks from yesterday.


I had Indian Blessing. She tracked well, took the lead at the top of the stretch and Ventura ran her down to win by 4. Indian Blessing held for second. Not a bad start, but could have been better.

Juvenile Turf

Laragh went off as the favorite and acted like one right up until the stretch run where she was overtaken by Maram and Heart Shaped in a great stretch dual with Maram prevailing. Laragh and I settled for third. Still on the board, but heading in the wrong direction.


Another favorite, Stardom Bound, was my choice in the Juvenile and despite a poor start she rallied with a big move around the turn and finished strongly for the win. Finally, I broke the ice. Not at a huge price, but a win is a win.


My blog choice, Mauralakana finished a disappointing 6th. I thought she'd handle this route much better than she did. Forever Together my Thoroughbred Blogger Alliance contest pick and my toss-up in the preview did win. A 6th here but two in a row on the contest board.


My preview of this race consisted of one word: Zenyatta. This is a race I actually saw when I got home and my review of this race will also consist of one word: Wow.

So I head into tomorrow with an ever so slight lead in the TBA contest just ahead of Green But Game and the only contestant to hit the board so far in every race, but there is an awful lot of racing to go and plenty of good handicappers in the race. I will take heart in the fact that I finally hit a Pick Anything ticket (in this case, the Pick 3) even though it was only for $26 (does it count if I had it twice?).

Later tonight I will post my "Men's Day" selections.

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