Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Exotics always kill me (except for the exacta), but today's $1,000,000 carryover at Belmont was too much to pass up. I scraped together some dough and put together a ticket that I outlined in the last post. I'll outline the results here, race by race as they happened. As you can probably surmise by the title, I didn't hit it, but was all the way around it. The pattern killed any Pick3s or 4s that were possible along the way and really made it frustrating. I know there aer folks out there that live to play the Pick 3, 4 & 6's, but other than this occasional splurge, it's definitely not my style.

So here is how I did. This is kind of like the "Dancing With the Stars" results show.


Thank God for the scratch! Winthrop House won it near the front end most of the way. Maybe that's a sign? The fact that my top 3 selections went 1-2-3 is pretty encouraging as well. That being said, it's only one race - but I am a little excited!


THAT didn't last long. Stayawaystella dismantled this field. Eleni's Hope did finish 2nd, but that don't get you squat. As a horse dropping in from MSW I probably should have considered her more, but she showed so little it seemed unlikely she would improve. At 14-1 I wasn't alone, but now I'm just hoping for a consolation 5 of 6.


Tempest Storm tool the lead and was gone. All she wrote. A nice easy win in the third leg and I stay alive for a consolation. Smartgabrielle was nowhere to be found, but we'll take the "w" and move on. As a sidenote, I went 1-2-1 in the 1st 3 eliminating the Pick 3 ticket as well. Arghhh....


Second again. This frigging sucks. Out of the consolation now as well. The Shaugraun at 8-1 won driving while my top choice T Harry, charged hard for second but was just too far out of it. Two firsts, two seconds and not a thing to show for it. The most frustrating thing: again another Pick 3 is trashed. 1-2-1-2...unreal...


Seriously...this is nuts. Mesa Girl wins the 5th leg flying from the outside and beats Doree Daze. So my 2 choices finish 1-2. Now I'm 1-2-1-2-1. Saved some dough by playing the exacta and the 4-1 Mesa Girl across the board. Well, maybe I can at least win back the Pick 6 bet if I can win the last race. Why can't there be a 4 out of 6 consolation...


I got drilled. 5th was the best I could do here. No woulda, coulda, shoulda in this one.

There were a couple of 14-1 winners today, but the P6 was hit and was worth over $509,000. None of that hit my pocket, but it was an interesting exercise and quite frankly, I think I did OK. However, I'll stick with my across the board wagering and the occasional exacta going forward. Unless, of course, there is a million bucks staring me in the face. Then I'll go at it again!

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