Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Stats for the Year

The two great measures of race horse investment are wins and money won. I tend to extrapolate that out a bit to include in the money finishes (ITM) and checks earned (places one through four). I like checks earned because for the most part, a fourth place check will pay the bills for the month - and in this game, that's important. Here in all it's warts and glory are breakdowns for the 2007 racing season for Grevelis Racing Stable LLC. Coronado's Way may have one more start in him before the end of the year, but I had time to do the wrap up today, so I'll amend later as necessary. The breakdown is read as follows:

starts: wins-seconds-thirds-fourths money earned

Coronado's Way: 7-2-1-1-0 $14,522
Somerset Wish: 4-0-2-2-0 $11,858
You Slay Me (harness): 21-4-2-3-6 $19,166
King Mobay: 1-0-0-0-1 $4,290
Moogie: 2-1-0-0-1 $25,050
Tug o' War: 7-1-0-0-2 $12,560

GRS Totals: 42 starts 8 wins, 5 seconds, 6 thirds, 10 fourths $87,446

Win percentage: 19%; ITM percentage: 45%: Checks earned percentage: 69%

Keep in mind that GRS does not own 100% of any one horse and the most we currently own of any single horse is 10%. Still, not a bad year, but my goal is to get and keep that win percentage over 20% and the ITM percentage over 50%.

In this year we lost Moogie, King Mobay, Tug o' War and You Slay Me to claims. Moogie was claimed a little less than her purchase price, but some nice finishes in 2006 & 07 made us some money on her. The King was a monster and was claimed from us at $40K. We claimed him in 2006 at $16K (if only they all worked out that well!). Tug was a disaster. An ill-advised claim at $40,000, he was finally claimed from us at $8,000 and burned most of the Partnership-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named's (PWMNBN) money made from King and Moogie. Slayer I touched on in an earlier post. Godspeed to him.

Of the current roster, we have Somerset Wish still enjoying being turned out in Stillwater. She'll start thinking about going back to work in February. Her brother Somerset Sam (I have very good vibes about Sam) is doing the same. Coronado (part of the PWMNBN) is running in cheap claiming races in NoCal - about $12,000 below where we claimed him at. I'm hoping for an end of the year claim so I can start the new year fresh and without the aggrevation of the PWMNBN. Wild Bliss, a well bred Pennsylvania-bred Standardbred yearling is in training in Carolina and will be pointed to several PA-bred stakes series in 2008. We should see her first start in late spring. And finally, the first public GRS partnership horse(s) debuting in 2008. There is still room in that group if anyone is interested.

2007 was a good year (a great year if you take out the PWMNBN) and I think we're going to end it pretty close to breaking even and 8 win photos on the wall. I look forward to a GREAT year in 2008 with success measure in wins and dollars.

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