Friday, November 30, 2007

The Website

Kudos to Yahoo! That's right, I'm praising Yahoo! for making a computer idiot like me a webmaster. For those of you that haven't caught it on my front page here, I have a website up and running for my racing interests. is now up and running. It's not finished - not even close, but it's up. I really just needed to add some pictures and text and Yahoo! made the rest easy. The only issue remaining is getting THIS blog on THAT page. I thought I did it, but I didn't and just haven't had the time to talk to customer support about it. As horses don't race every day and there isn't always news, the only thing different that people can look to is this blog, so I really need to get the transition made.

I would like to publicly thank some folks for offering up insights and critiques:

David Miller - friend, partner and bloodstock agent extraordinaire ( - shameless plug #1) who convinced me that starting up my own partnership was something that I could do and then proceeded to be there with advice and support;

Lloyd Dalmacio - friend and colleague in the PWMNBN who offered some great insights and criticisms that will make the site a better place for consumers;

Russ Fujimoto - another friend and colleague in the PWMNBN (I told you, some very good people are involved over there) who gave the site a good once over and spotted spelling errors that I couldn't see any more!

GRS #1 - Mike Walsh, Jane Vozzi, Josh Winchell and Laura Riss. Friends and colleagues who have the faith and confidence in me to sign on for the first partnership and making this dream a reality. Know I will work tirelessly to make sure we have some fun and success.;

Family - Sophia and Stephanie Grevelis (mom and sis) and Garrett Mitchell (son) who religiously read and comment on this blog and the website and being there with their love and support.

Theri Grevelis - Most of all, my lovely, talented and ever patient wife who's confidence in me and my abilities make me feel like I can do anything. Having just graduated and working to start up her own healing and therapeutic coaching practice ( - shameless plug #2!) she has plenty to do than to review my stuff, but she does! She deserves a medal for putting up with those nights that I sit in front of this computer and answer e-mails, research horses, work on this blog and website and seemingly ignore her for hours. Just saying thanks and I love you doesn't seem like enough...but thanks and I love you!

Here's to all of you and nameless others without whom Grevelis Racing would still be just a dream - thank you with all my heart.

See you in the winner's circle!

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