Wednesday, September 9, 2009

When the Race is Over

Tonight on my Blog Talk Radio show we will be partially addressing what we can do to assist our equine athletes when their racing careers are over. My guests will be Darla Jeffrey and Leslie Morley of Standing in the Gap, a Minnesota based non-profit that assists in the rehabilitation and retraining of injured racehorses.

While the industry is getting closer to addressing this issue, there is still a lot that needs to be done. Much of what is getting done is being accomplished by overworked and underfunded groups like Standing in the Gap, Neigh Savers, Southern Cal Thoroughbred Rescue, the Illinois Equine Humane Center and other non-profits around the country. Though we'll spotlight only one of the groups tonight, we'll talk about the issue at large as well.

A big topic that deserves more than half an hour, but half an hour is what we have! I hope that you'll join us this evening at 10 PM CT and also join in the discussion by clicking to talk if you have a microphone or dialing in at (347) 994-3374.

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