Friday, September 11, 2009


That's kind of what it feels like these days: a big old SIGH. Fizzy Pop is out at Remington Park, WAY too far away to go feed peppermints in the morning. I Am Woman is sidelined with an illness, though she'll be back training Saturday and hopefully will qualify back sometime late next week. These days if I get up at 5 AM on a Saturday morning I can't climb into the car and enjoy the sunset over the Canterbury backstretch, watch horses work out and grab a cup of coffee in the track kitchen.

When Fiz gears up to race again (possibly next week), I'll have to watch on my Twin Spires TV on the PC. In fact, there is a very real possibility that he may race again on Friday when I'll be winding my way on the road again and I will miss it entirely. It seems like this season just flew by. Just yesterday we were counting down through interminably cold days to opening day and then the season was done in the blink of eye. To make matters a bit more difficult, we are now enjoying unseasonably warm weather, finally having our Upper Midwest summer. We should be done with that tomorrow, however, and dive right into Fall!

So in the interim I've been getting the radio show off the ground, working on the financials, closing Canterbury accounts and opening Remington accounts as well as trying to get new groups consolidated and new horses under the umbrella. All the while selling slot machines, of course!

Busy? Yes. But it does not beat the backstretch in the morning...

Postscript: As I board my flight to Nevada later this morning to spend the weekend with my boys, I will say a silent prayer for all those aboard The Flights and in The Offices eight years ago.

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