Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tonight's Show; I Am Woman

Just a short blurb update this morning as I get ready to climb aboard a no o'clock in the morning flight back to Minneapolis/St. Paul.

Tonight I'll be looking to get your views on whether or not there is too much racing right in now in N. America. Does the industry need to cut off a limb in order to make the patient healthy again? Or are there just too many barriers to making this happen? Please think about it and weigh in with your thoughts as we go On the Air With Owning Racehorses again this evening at 10 PM Central Time on Blog Talk Radio.


She simply cannot pace a solid mile these days. She followed up a relatively tough trip 4th with just a terrible seventh Monday night at Monticello. She'll be given the once over by the vet again and see if there is any reason she keeps stopping on her miles. She appears sound with no heat and no visible signs of injury. Even blood work in the past has been clean. We'll just have to wait and see what the vet says and then see how VIP follows up.

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