Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tonight's Show: The Claiming Game

Tonight on the show on Blog Talk Radio I'll be talking about the claiming game in racing. Claiming races make up the majority of races in North America and many of us small time owners are involved in the claiming game in some way shape or form. I'm looking to hear from you on the show about your experiences claiming horses, what you look for and what you try to avoid. If you can't call in, please drop me a line at so I can get your comments on the air.

Talk to you tonight at 10 PM Central Time!

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The Paper Tyger said...

Great show tonight...I've seen and read enough about claiming that I should have gotten it, but it's always been a bit cloudy.

Thanks for the comment on my blog...and totally hysterical that you're a transplanted New Englander and I'm a transplanted Minnesotan. Must be that old 'one in, one out' scheme. I'll rest easier knowing you've assumed my place there :)

Thanks also for your interview with the Standing in the Gap ladies, as you say, they've made great progress in a short time.

I'd love to make some equine contacts the next time I'm in Minnesota!

Love the show and the blog!

Cheers, MLA