Friday, September 25, 2009

Now What?

An interesting situation is what I have going on right now. Our group's horse, Fizzy Pop, was claimed Friday night. I still own 12.5% of pacer I Am Woman, but I don't manage her so that leaves me - a guy with a blog and a radio show dedicated to his emerging racing empire - without a horse to manage! In an ideal world we would have had Miss Belle Express to race us through the fall as well, but that was not meant to be. I also made an offer on a California horse to no avail as we were very far apart on the price.

Due to personal reasons, some of the Fizzy Pop partners need to take the money and run while the others and myself plan to soldier on with some new partners mixed in. But where do we go? Hopefully this weekend I will get a line on another California horse, so there is a start. I also definitely want to be ready with another claiming group for Tampa this winter and try to replicate the success we had with Fizzy. Still hanging out there is the possibility of teaming with a few other owners and try and hit a home run with a private purchase of a higher class horse, but that's a bit higher end and those kind of partners are hard to find in this economy.

So now what? Well, we keep pushing on. If we can get a nice percentage of a good horse racing in California, that would be nice. I would go ahead and offer some type of low cost entry point for that one for small shares and get the left coast in action. I'll also keep working for partners here in Minnesota and down in Florida that would like to see their horse run between Tampa Bay and Canterbury. $20,000 will get that group off the ground with a nice mid-range horse and money left over to pay the bills for a while. I'll also keep on talking on Blog Talk Radio (you can listen to the latest episode on claiming on the top left) because that is such a fun release I can't imagine giving that up. And, of course, I'll chronicle it all here!

Speaking of the radio show, thanks to your support, the show has become eligible to move into prime time. The question is what time? I was thinking 8:30 Central Time. That makes it only 9:30 on the East Coast and 6:30 on the West so most everyone should be home from work by then and it not be too late in the East. I'd be happy to entertain thoughts from the audience on this one. Again, thank you all for getting the show over that threshold so quickly. I really appreciate it.

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G. Rarick said...

Oooo, Skid Solo's yearling sister is coming through the sales in Ireland next week...Who needs California when you can have France? We're on a roll over here!