Sunday, July 5, 2009

Minnesota Nice - Equine Edition

From time to time in this space I drop in a post about a favorite horse, a major horse rescue effort or an organization trying to make headway in giving retired racehorses a chance at a new career. Today features one of those stories and one that is close to home for me. Standing in the Gap is a non-profit based in Minnesota to help horses in need. The video below, sent to me by Darla Jeffery (filmed by Leslie Morely) does a marvelous job chronicling one rescue story that took place right here at Canterbury Park.

As Darla does at the end of the video, I would also like to thank Max Henderson, trainer of Solo Tour, who made the one phone call in order to spare Solo an uncertain fate. I know that there are more like Max out there, and I'd like to thank each and everyone of you who have made that call and, maybe more importantly, have spoke to your fellow horsemen about making that call.

Please watch the video and visit Standing in the Gap and, if you can, give a little. especially the hundreds of Minnesotans that visit this blog each month. Even $5 or $10 from each of you will make a huge dent in their expenses.

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