Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fizzy Pop Takes on Seven Others

Fizzy Pop is back in action at Canterbury this afternoon. The race is the 5th and the conditions are a $16,000 Open Claiming race going a mile and a sixteenth scheduled on the turf. While not raining, the weather is for mostly cloudy and a high of only 72. Having not been in town the last two weeks, I don't know how much of the rain we drove through in Wisconsin passed by Shakopee on it's way there or how wet, if at all, the turf course is today. My largest concern on that front is Fizzy's dislike for a messy course. That said, even if the race is ruled off the turf, I can see the main track being fast this afternoon.

It was tough finding a race for Fiz. There are several in the Rhone barn that are $16,000 to $25,000 horses and not enough of that caliber of races to go around. A few folks have expressed concern that Fizzy might get claimed in this spot. To them I have a couple of answers: it's part of the game and you have to race them where they can win and; he's only won on his own at this very level in a year and a half. Yes, he has a DQ win at $25,000 to his credit, but I'm not sure he would have won that race without the disqualification. In my opinion you claim to move a horse up in class that maybe has more talent than the current trainer is giving him credit for and your trainer can do a better job. I don't think there are many out there that'll do a better job than Bernell and while Fizzy can compete at a slightly higher level he's an honest horse and you're taking a big chance if you think you can get more out of him than $16,000.

On to the entries:

1. Captain Bucky (Bell) - He was less than stellar in his debut but faced those over a very sloppy track. If he just needed one, then he's going to be in great shape but if he's dropping in 'for cause' then it may be a tough second back for him.

2. Deputy Tice (Nolan) - Fizzy beat him a year ago here but is also moving up in class without a win. I never like that angle and he may be over his head here.

3. Beau Named Sue (Stevens) - An interesting Minnesota bred that has really come into his own. In 2008 he struggled but stayed competitive around the $10,000 level but in 2009 has been very impressive winning his first two and then placing fourth in the Blairs Cove Stakes last out. Beyer's have been solid and is the Morning Line choice.

4. Dontlaffhespaidfor (Goodwin) - A winner at $7500 non-winners of 3 lifetime, he may find himself a bit over his skis in this one. There was a nice uptick in his Beyer when moving to the turf last out, though the result wasn't a win at the open $7500 level.

5. Kon Krete Kid (Morales) - A nice second to Claiming Crown nominee Mister Merz last out, the Kid is still moving up in class (from $12,500) without a win and Beyer's seem a little low for this group.

6. Buzz the Tower (Eikleberry) - Buzz was claimed at Turf Paradise back in April and was immediately laid off until June here at Canterbury where he debuted in a $7500 claimer at this distance also on the turf. It was a tough trip for him and he was competitive at this level last year at Canterbury, so we'll see if he'll improve off of that one or if he belongs a bit lower.


8. Zip Zaheri (Rivera) - This Arlington shipper has been less than impressive in 2009, but last out he reared at the break, was second last most of the way but rallied mightily to be up for 4th less than 5 lengths off the winner after spotting the field 16 lengths. He was also back on the turf and jumping up from $5000 claimers to $20,000 claimers. He ships and drops for this one. If his last effort wasn't a fluke and he makes the break, then he's going to be tough to beat.

You'll notice we have Dean back today. He has been red hot and is sitting a top the jock's standings at Canterbury. Fizzy fits this level well and has been training nicely. He's the second choice in the ML behind his stablemate, so all appears to be lining up for a solid effort, but the races aren't run on paper.

A Legend Passes

On an entirely separate note, legendary broadcaster Walter Cronkite passed away last night. This was sad news for me even though Cronkite had been in ill health for a while and was actually reported as having died several weeks back. Cronkite WAS the news for me growing up. If he said it, it was true. He was repeatedly voted the Most Trusted Man in America and with his sure and steady delivery coupled with an earnest humanity, it was easy to see why. When I was a young child of about 4, a children's special was coming on opposite the CBS Evening News. My dutiful parents eschewed the news for the night and changed the channel for me. I promptly started crying and wouldn't stop until "Uncle Walter" was turned back on. That is some show of respect and admiration from a four year old! Rest in peace, "Uncle Walter".

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Yeah, Fizzy! Nice win, and glad to see he didn't get claimed :)