Saturday, July 25, 2009

And We're Off...ish...

We're not racing yet, but we're getting ready for the Crown races to begin and getting settled into the press box digs. Obviously a great experience and I'll try to relate as much of it as I can as it happens this afternoon. Including my progress in the press box handicapping contest...against these titans of the turf, I don't relish my chances, but I'm game enough to try1

This morning I met the world famous Quinella Queen, author of the Turf Luck blog and her husband, King Kevin. We chatted for a solid hour on the beauty of Canterbury's physical plant as well as how great this event is for the blue collar warriors. As an aside, if anyone could let us know what happened to Mountaineer stakes winning filly Lady Grace, we'd all love to know! QQ's choice in the Lady Canterbury is Euphony (same as yours truly).

Above, you can see that the TVG folks are getting ready to broadcast live from here this afternoon. The press box is starting to hum already and the Crown handicapping seminar was well attended as well. The weather is a bit overcast, but there does not seem to be a major chance of rain and the courses are Fast and Firm. No scratches in the Claiming Crown races or the Lady Canterbury as of yet.

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