Saturday, February 21, 2009

"They're Off and Pacing..."

Finally we have a starter for 2009. I know it's still only February, but after a winter of waiting, resting and recharging, one of our connected horses has the first start of 2009. Oddly enough for Throughbred guy, our Standardbred, owned in partnership with VIP Stables is our first at Balmoral tomorrow.

Sure, I Am Woman is 8-1 in the morning line, has a crappy post position (7) and it's her first start of the season after an aborted 2-year old season in which she showed she was still too small to compete effectively. But she's racing and with that is at least the opportunity to start paying paying back what she's been costing.

She was no-saled at the Meadowlands auction last month when she failed to me her reserve. Bidding stopped at $11,500. Now she's entered for short purse money ($2900) at Balmoral eligible to be claimed for $10,500. On the face of it, this is curious - why no sale her, ship her across country to run for a cheap purse and a claiming price below what her high bid was? My guess is that she's ready to race now and there has not been a straight Non-Winners of 1 for Fillies and Mares written in a while. What is she supposed to do, sit around and wait? She wins and gets claimed it is almost a wash (minus shipping charges). At least she's racing now and if she can get in each week, then she'll be racing for close to $12,000 a month and she can start paying the bills - or at least trying to.

A bit of a bonus for me: because she's in Chicago, I can see her race from time to time when I'm in the area. It's only 6 hours from me here in the Cities and I can time some business trips around a few of her starts.

Finally, we're racing again. Between this and the condition book arriving the other day, I think Spring must be right around the corner!

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Anonymous said...

Judging from the results I think you are quite pleased with how the year is starting out!