Friday, February 20, 2009

More Jockeys...

Just a reminder that parts 5 & 6 of "Jockeys" airs on Animal Planet this evening at 9 PM ET.

Now I received a clip of the new show, but I could swear it was the same stuff I saw in the last episode. I know we saw Kayla fall and Jon Court's wife talking about the shoes she'll buy if Jon's longshot mount wins it's Cal Cup Day (it doesn't and she doesn't).

In any event, we will doubtlessly learn more about whether or not Kayla can start building her book of business, whether the disconnected son of a jockey can win some races and his father's love and, of course, can Mike and Chantal's love survive.

Yeah, some of it is a little goofy, but it's an interesting look at the Santa Anita jockey colony and, for the uninitiated, a glimpse at what goes on "under the hood" in the Sport of Kings. One more thing for you folks that only are peripherally interested in racing: contrary to what the series shows you, there are not accidents and spills in nearly every race and Trevor Denman (track announcer) does not use the jockey's names every time he calls a race.

Those tidbits aside, it is fast paced and exciting hour of television. I hope you'll click it on and give our sport a shot.

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Jessica said...

I thought Jay Hovdey's column (DRF+, unfortunately) on the show was a funny look at the unreality of reality (or the reality of reality). An excerpt:

"'Me throwing that fit took three takes before I got it right,' Court said. 'They would say I was smiling while I was mad. Another time I didn't get the lines right' ... 'They wanted me to throw my helmet,' Court went on ... 'I said, 'How 'bout I knock over all them boots?' Boom, got it on the first take. Man, did I feel special.'"