Thursday, February 26, 2009

Quick Jockey's Reminder

Sure you may be tired of hearing me preview it, but I never tire of plugging a show that spotlights our game. I'm not thrilled with all that Jockey's is, but I can live with it's flaws as it celebrates the game and especially the men and women that lay it out there every day.

Overall I've been pretty happy watching the series unfold. Some things that I would have liked to see more of are emerging as the series progresses. It was good to see some race strategy discussed between jockey and trainer in the last episode. It was also good to see how a jock explains a bad performance by a horse after the race. The elation of the winner's circle - no matter the purse - is always great to see (and feel by the way!).

This week we'll see more of Brandon Meier trying to follow up his first career victory with another win and prove that he can make it in the big time. Maybe we'll see a bit more of the interaction between the son and his jockey father whose approval Brandon so desperately seems to want (though don't we all seek that in some way?). We'll also get a glimpse at the jocks unwinding after race day going out to dinner together after a day at the races. It looks to be a cross between frat brothers in the house kitchen and a union hall assembly. No matter the differences, it's still a brotherhood - you'll notice no Chantal or Kayla at dinner...interesting.

Catch the next episodes of Jockeys airing on Animal Planet on Fridays at 9PM Eastern.

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