Friday, February 27, 2009

Fizzy's Back in Town!

We’re back! The Fiz is back in action tomorrow at Tampa Bay Downs. At 15-1 on the Morning Line, we are getting very little respect in the race. I’ll admit, a five year old gelding away from the track for four months (especially a non-stakes class gelding) has something to prove, but Fiz arguably has the second most consistent Beyers in the race and fits this class. Besides, what in the world is Brady Baby (#9, 3-2)doing up here at Tampa? He scored at Calder with a 99 Beyer and then finished a decent 3rd in a $37,000 Allowance at Gulfstream earlier this year so for his next start out you pick an optional claiming race at Tampa? No offense to TBD (love it – it’s where we claimed Fizzy), but the purse is only $17,700 if you back out the $2500 in Florida bred money that Brady is not eligible for as Kentucky bred. I understand going for low hanging fruit, but seriously – that is quite the drop.

Race 9
Allowance Optional Claiming ($25,000)
Purse $20,200 (includes $2,500 FOA)
Dirt 1 mile, 40 yards

1. Rare Ransom (20-1) - Bernal, O.
2. FIZZY POP (15-1) - Butler, D.
3. Diamond Steal (8-1) - Martinez, W.
4. Claxton (15-1) - Treator, P.
5. Too Many Sins (5-2) - Ramgeet, A.
6. Alarming Afleet (6-1) - Centeno, D.
7. Jed Greely (12-1) - Hohmeister, R.
8. Patricks Tack (10-1) - Dehn, M.
9. Brady Baby (3-2) - Allen, R.

Our key, I think, will be if one of the 5, 6 & 7 burn some of the early speed they have shown in the past to go with Brady early and push the pace. Now that doesn’t guarantee us anything, obviously, as there are other closers in this race and some nice horses moving up and dropping down into the race that have some ability. But I think we have a legitimate shot. Maybe a 6-1 shot (four months off is four months off after all), but certainly not a 15-1 shot!

Normally I can run through the contenders and detach a bit and give an honest assessment. I haven’t been able to do this today at all. I think I’m too wrapped up in the comeback race. I’m too excited to be detached. My mind is elsewhere: it’s thinking about the excitement of the post parade; it’s thinking about the possibilities laid out before us for this year. Before the race we have endless possibilities. He goes off and wins by 10 and we have a world open to us. He’d be better than he ever was. He’d be one of those “I can’t believe those bastards claimed him for $10,000” kind of horses. There would be Stakes to be won, money to be made; a cool marketing campaign around his great personality and sparkling name. Everything is possible after a long layoff. I’ll be more dispassionate next race. I promise. Reality may hit after the finish line tomorrow, but for now, all is things are possible.


Wind Gatherer said...

This should be the last time you run a horse, so close to where I am, without some notice. TB Downs in under 3 hours, door to door.

Don't ever lose that passion.


G. Rarick said...

I'll be there, guys. My friend's horse is running in the 5th. I've been here for the past few days, and I have to say that Tampa Bay has sweetened my attitude toward U.S. racing. It's the first backside I've been on where I haven't immediately felt sorry for the horses. It's nice, green, relatively best of luck, Ted!

Valerie said...

Shhhh, let's hope bettors don't realize what a good thing he is--I want a good price on Fiz :) The best of luck, Ted! You know I love Fiz.

Anonymous said...

Good luck tomorrow, and I hope I get a chance to see Fizzy run at Canterbury this year too.

PEM said...

If the GP #9 horse can't shake loose of the field here (and I don't see it--too much honest speed) I think he goes down in flames in the stretch--I do like your chances Ted-might be a tough spot to win coming off the layoff but I think you at least pick up a check here--box with the other two contestants of the 1-20 STRAIGHT COUNT race. Watch out for Caple riding Willie Martinez--a real stong combo.

Best of luck;


Valerie said...

Awesome! Considering he hasn't run since September, that was a great (and gutsy) performance to win the photo for second. Congratulations!!

EquiSpace said...

Nice job and the Space Gal were urging him down the stretch from the living room!