Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pulling the Trigger

We've got a line on a nicely bred (far from regal, but nice) filly that has taken some time getting to the races. She's currently three, but probably won't make her debut until four. It is possible that once she starts racetrack training that she'll make an appearance on the turf at Tampa before her birthday. She's decently priced for not knowing if she has any speed in her and she'll be eligble for added money here in Minnesota. She's been training with Russ Rhone (our trainer Bernell's brother) and will be heading to Bernell shortly - another attractive element. So what's the problem?

Filling her group up. Fizzy Pop's group may take a majority stake in her (they want to wait and hear Bernell's assessment first - as do I, quite frankly), but I still need to round her out. The potential is there to sell off 5% chunks of her for only $500 - $600 and have her expenses covered through her anticipated first start in Janaury, but it's been a rough road this past week trying to gauge interest. Plenty of 'gee I'd like to' but also plenty of 'but things are so tight right now'. The market's roller coaster ride and headlines screaming recession are no help either.

So we'll trudge onward and see what we can do. Once I hear back from Bernell with more particulars, I may have some more selling points and that should be helpful. I may even pick up the other half myself and try to wait out the next few months. I do want to touch base again with David Miller ( and get his take on her breeding prospects after racing based upon her lines. Of course if she doesn't prove anything on the track, then that point is moot. However if she proves to be useful on the track, adding some value off the track in a few years would be nice, too.

I know others are affected. Steve Zorn ( has left comments touching on the ability to fill out partnerships. Breeder's have to be feeling the pinch from the regional and national sales numbers I've seen. In fact, I would encourage you all to click on Steve's link above and read his latest post laying out how the economy is starting to drag down racing in much better detail than I could hope to achieve here. The point is that the circle is getting tighter: purses are starting to soften and expenses are starting to rise and that translates to an even tougher go at trying to make money in the middle. Not exactly sales flier material. But those of us in the middle are going to do what we can to make it through and come out the other side. I think we all just love this game to much to try and do anything else!


Fizzy Pop is vacationing on the Biehler farm in Oklahoma. In a couple of weeks he'll transfer to a spa, well, another farm, in his home state of Florida to enjoy the warmer weather for a few months before he comes back to the races in January. The farm in Florida is run by a retired vet, so we'll be able to make sure that Fizzy has direct attention should there be any issues with the ankle while he's down there. Of course we're hoping that the vet care he received in Oklahoma combined with a little R&R will be just the prescription for Fizzy to come back for his five year of campaign stronger, rested and even better than ever!

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