Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Claimed Away

I've had horses claimed away before. Moogie and King Mobay won more money. Tug of War was a wreck that lost us money. We can't get Coronado's Way claimed for all the tea in China (though he DID win tonight: $5400 for the win in a $4000CL race at Golden Gate - and a nice 3-1 mutuel payoff, but I digress). But last night, You Slay Me, a hard working pacer I ran with VIP Internet Stables was claimed for $5000 at Yonkers.

I think my fondness for Slayer is in his wins and in his losses. He had quite the case of fourthitis. He constantly came in fourth. He threw in 4 wins for us and some real clunkers as well, but what a rash of fourths! He would get us close, but not quite get there. He needed the rail and a clean trip around or he was fourth. Outside of post position 4 and he was a sure thing for 7th or 8th. But the three of the four wins were hard fought and only decided by a nose or so. Great efforts and tremendously exciting to watch. He would have me screaming in my living room. In fact, one race I thought he won, he lost in one very close photo. I admired his predictability and his gutsiness in his wins. Financially he was a wash for Grevelis Racing Stable. In fact, we may have lost $400 or so on him in the 8 months we had him. But we have four win photos on the wall and some great memories. Besides, when the big horse comes - and he'll come - this little loss will be offset by his big win!

Thanks, Slayer. It was a great ride and I appreciate all the thrills you gave me along the way. I'll have your four pictures on my wall and, for the time being, you are the winningest horse in Grevelis Racing Stable history!

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