Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Finish Line

The goal of every race is to make it to the finish line first.  We've been lucky enough to have our share of first place finishers over the years and hopefully there are more still in the cards.  What they won't be, however, is chronicled in this space.

I tried to keep rolling the last couple of years but the pressures of work, the partnerships, the Canterbury Club and now the Midwest Paddock Report, Fat Guys' Rants and some freelance writing have strained my time resources to the breaking point.

The final straw for me was when I logged in here for the first time in a long while and saw that I had several unfinished posts laying about.  They seemed like great ideas at the time but I whiffed on them and I decided it was time to pack this in.  There are only so many hours in the day and maintaining a blog that I can only get to every few months...well, I just can't do that.

The timing is pretty good.

It's the end of another year and as it winds down, Owning Racehorses will wind down with it.  Over the next week or two I will post a few of my favorites and some of the more popular posts over past eight years that I've been keeping journal, I guess you could call it.  I hope you enjoy them the second time around.

I'd like to thank you all for visiting this space from time to time and reading what I wrote. I've been fortunate to have been shared a time or two by Equidaily, the Paulick Report and the Blood-Horse.  The blog also helped give me the opportunity to freelance for a few years for the Daily Racing Form covering Canterbury Park.

Special thanks go to David Miller, Jim Dunleavy, Jeff Maday, the folks over at Hello Race Fans, TURF and the Thoroughbred Bloggers Alliance for helping me get started and gain an audience. 

This isn't the end of the turf writing for me, though.  Far from it.  I will be able to commit more energy to the Midwest Paddock Report where I am fortunate enough to work with the love of my life, equine photog extraordinaire Heather Frisbie (the future Mrs. Grevelis, in case you hadn't heard), on a labor of love that we're working hard to transform into something more.

I've also teamed with my longtime best friend, Chris Palladino, on Fat Guys' Rants, a collection of our rantings on just about anything.  That will be followed sometime after the first of the year with a companion podcast that will be available on iTunes.  There probably won't be a lot of racing on there, but I'll work it in when I can!

I hope you'll join me over at the Midwest Paddock Report and Fat Guys Rants.  I'll still be on Twitter at @tlgrevelis as well as @mwpaddockreport and @FatRantsTed and the Report also has its own Facebook page.

A lot has happened over the past eight years and I appreciate you all sharing it with me.  Enjoy the "best of" over the next few weeks and I'll see you at the races!

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