Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Chugging Along

Ellie checking out the sites at Turfway Park.

March is trying to make it's lion-like entrance in Minnesota but it's first attempt appears to have fizzled out.  Thankfully.

Around the region, thoroughbreds are trying to get ready for the 2015 Canterbury season while, nearby, others are already into their 2015 racing season (Midwest Paddock Report story on Hawthorne ).  We're definitely not quite there yet.

We have learned that Elusive Edition (Ellie) is working well and has definitely increased her lung capacity since starting up her training at Turfway Park under the tutelage of trainer Michelle Allen.  Michelle has sent us videos of Ellie working and it appears as if she really has the desire to run. 

Last year was a year of immaturity and growth for her. In 2014, Ellie was very ADD - especially when heading over to the racetrack.  She likes to take everything in and process.  We always figured that she was very bright which was echoed by her groom last season and confirmed by Michelle in Kentucky.  While I'm glad we have a smart horse who has the ability to learn, sometimes I think I'd be okay with just a dumb jock that can run!

So far I have resisted asking the obvious question: is she going to make a racehorse this season?  I wanted a good 30-days under her belt before I went that route.  Rounding into shape is no time to try and make that kind of determination.  Additionally, while getting ready for her debut season last year, everyone around her felt that while she might not be something special, she should be able to at least break her maiden and win a bit if placed right.  As we know, she didn't so morning observations can only tell you so much. We'll wait and hope to get down there to see for ourselves how she's looking at some point and go from there.

Heather beautifully captures George as a yearling in a rare quiet moment!

The little guy, George (Tabby Dacat - Eastwood Dacat/Tabby Lane/Even the Score) is doing well.  He whacked his head a few weeks back and cut himself pretty good.  He needed stiches so there was an unplanned vet bill, but what can you do?  Yearlings get themselves in trouble. You just have to hope that it's never too bad and they learn from whatever mischief they get into.  He's a big boy and appears to be a bit alpha-ish, which is good to me.  I want a bit of an edge to him.  I want him walking on to that racetrack with the type of confidence that says "I own this place!"

We march on (pun intended) and continue to get Ellie ready; get the Canterbury Racing Club some horses; get the alumni group launched; and look for just a few more partners to round out this year's claiming group.  There is a lot going on and while time seems to be on our side, May 15 will be here before you know it.

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