Friday, March 28, 2014

The Process of Becoming George


This is the brief story of Tabby Dacat (Eastwood Dacat-Tabby Lane-Even the Score) in pictures.  Heather took most of these, the ultrasound is courtesy of the vets over at Weitz, the halfway mark photo was taken by Lisa Duoos at Dove Hill Farm and the one of Tabby and I by Annie Ringwelski.  Some were on nice cameras and some were via iPhone but the net result are pictures that tell a sweet story and are hopefully the prelude to a happy and successful one.

I hope you enjoy them and George's story - there is certainly more to come!

Tabby Lane (Even the Score-Keeley Chay-Rodeo) surges to the front at Canterbury Park during her racing days.  One of her 10 victories in 40 starts.  She retired with nearly $120,000 in earnings.
Tabby and I enjoying her retirement around Christmas 2012.  I totally fell for her, breaking a cardinal rule of racing horses - don't fall in love with them!
Eastwood Dacat (Storm Cat-Western Eternity-Gone West) looking especially regal in his paddock at Bleu Valley Farm in Stillwater Minnesota.  Bred to Tabby to inject speed into her stamina we hope to get a versatile, quick mid-distance runner.

George...very, VERY early on!  This was our first glimpse about 6 weeks after the cover.

With about 2 months to go, Tabby was slowing down.  Granted, it was frigidly cold, but she seemed to be getting that "I'm WAY ready for this to be over with" look about her.  You could see George when he would move around which was very cool but also made you feel her discomfort a well!

Welcome to the world, George.  He got a bit of an assist from Lisa here!  Mom backed herself into a corner nearly cutting off George's exit route so she stepped in and help him get back on track and out!
Tabs loving on her baby in the first hour.  She took to him right away and has proven herself to be a loving mom.  I could not be more proud of her. My favorite picture of the two of them and one that I feel needs more exposure - it is a beautiful expression of unconditional and instant love and devotion between thoroughbred mare and foal.  I'd really like to see Heather get some real recognition for capturing this moment so exquisitely.

Hopefully a sign of things to come - less than 48 hours old and he's off and running.  At first he was chasing mom if she wandered off, then he discovered running and it was mom doing the chasing!
Mother and son time.

Heather with mom and George - a gorgeous family!

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Dove Hill Farm said...

This is the reason why we work such long hours and devote our days and nights to these horses. That is to see the story play out, quietly knowing, that we had a part in such a cool, wonderful, awesome event! Thank you Heather and Ted for putting this together.
P.S. George is a fantastic personality and quite the joke-ster of the barn!