Saturday, August 24, 2013

Bobo Last Minute - IN

As I mentioned in my last post, this summer has been a very hectic one.  I thought I may have caught a bit of a blogging break when we entered Bourbonology to run on today but she didn't get in and was on the "Also Eligible" list.

A bit of a refresher: the "Also Eligible" list is an auxiliary list of horses who only get into the race if one of the horses entered scratches.  This is usually done in turf races so if the weather dictates that the race come off the turf and onto the dirt and several horses scratch, you can still have a decent field in the race.

In our case this week, the weather was beautiful and there was no way we were going to get in.  That said, if the race did come off the turf, we would scratch as well.  I was tabbed to do the paddock analysis today so it was all going to work out - you can't analyze a race you run in for the people, right!?

Then at 10:10 Bernell Rhone called and let me know that we scratched in!

Scramble time!

Jeff Maday, Media Relations Manager at Canterbury, offered to take the race 4 paddock analysis for me but there is no way I was going to get a detailed race analysis up in time, so here is my take on the race - ever so briefly:

Four horses were dropping in from Bobo's last race and only one finished behind her.  Additionally, one was coming in from the off-the-turf race two back where Bobo was awful, but that horse, Wonder Country, finished 3rd.

The rest of the 9 horses are either jumping up in class or coming in from Prairie Meadows to try the turf here at Canterbury.

I think we can hit the board, though I would MUCH prefer that we won.  Her lackadaisical efforts in her last couple of starts is troublesome - especially combined with the fact that there is nothing the vet can find that is physically wrong with her.

I see the race coming up:

Margo's Delight

I will, however, be wagering to win - you can't bet against your own horse!

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