Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Welcome to the World, TURF!

Today marks the launch of a new venture: TURF.  TURF is an international collection of horse racing bloggers.  We represent a diverse group of writers, passionate about the sport of horse racing.  The group is made up of noted turf writers, horse owners, health specialists, trainers, fans, handicappers and pedigree analysts from three continents.  While we are small we hope to make a big impact on the world of thoroughbred racing. 

Given the diversity of the group we hope that through our home page we can provide a landing place that racing fans as well as insiders will want to check with every day in order to get varied opinions on issues and events in racing.  Additionally, the group has a Facebook page that will provide additional interaction with readers.  Through the use of various social media the level of interactivity between writers and readers should be high enabling both parties to benefit from the relationship. 

For the launch of the group this week, many members’ posts will feature the Breeders’ Cup as subject matter.  For example, later this week this blog will feature a post on Furthest Land, a $35,000 claim that went on to fame as winner of the Breeder’s Cup Dirt Mile – a dream that all of us hold when we get into this business. Bloggers will continue to move forward writing about their own interests in racing and there will always be something new to read though the occasional “theme week” with enable us to tackle an issue or even collectively and from varying viewpoints.

Please bookmark the home page, follow the group on Facebook, circle your favorites on Google+ and interact with individual writers on Twitter.  Visit often and leave comments – I know all of us look forward to interacting with other racing fans!

Members of TURF are:

Dana Byerly (Green But Game)
Jessica Chapel (Railbird)
Teresa Genaro (Brooklyn Backstretch)
Ted Grevelis (Owning Racehorses)
Kevin Martin (Colin’s Ghost)
Keith McCalmont (Triple Dead Heat)
Gina Rarick (Gallop France)
Chris Hernandez (Giving My Ten Cents)
Bill Pressey (ThoroEdge)
Alastair Middleton Horse Racing in Korea
Sue Dalebroux (Post Parade)
Alan Mann (Left at the Gate)
Frank Vespe (That’s Amore Stable)
Gene Kershner (Equispace)
Anthony Falbo (The Turk)
Kate Hunter (Keiblog)

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