Thursday, September 1, 2011

This Should Be Interesting

The tremendous experience that his been this summer continues Friday night when I take over for Angela Hermann in the pre-race show at Canterbury Park.  Angela is going to be a part of her sister's wedding and that left a slot open next to KQRS personality Mike Gelfand in reviewing the evening's card before the races. I'm very excited about the opportunity even though I'm also a bit nervous.  What's funny is that I'm not nervous about the material, but nervous about appearing nervous!!

I have to think that Mike is going to be more than a little let down with the substitution...

Jeff Maday has let me do a few paddock previews before the races and I have to admit I got flustered a bit too easily.  I was so concerned about being "smooth" and "polished" that when I lost my place in my notes I got a little off balance. It does seem to get easier with time.  Each time I do a preview - and I've only done four - I recognize things that I could/would do differently.  It's funny, it's not like this is necessarily leading to anything, but I'm still committed to prepping and doing the best job that I can.  I probably expect a bit too much out of myself in this spot but a job worth doing, etc.

What will help make it a bit easier is that I will be able to sit in the booth with a stationary microphone rather than try and hold my handful of notes in one hand while holding the microphone in the other.  Of course the other reality is that I will be directly on the TV for the entire time, not having the camera scan the horses in the walking ring to distract from my prospective discomfort.

I'm hoping to go in with the attitude to have a good time and enjoy my 15 minutes - and not stumble too badly!  If you get a chance, tune it - it should be a hoot!

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