Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Some Interesting Projects

While I spent the first week of my 'retirement' from gaming sales a couple of interesting projects came to mind:

1 - Diary of a Racing Partnership: I am thinking about detailing in diary format the 2011 Claiming Partnership by letting folks that sign up know that I will be the tracking the partnership process with thoughts toward polishing it up and finding a publisher. Hard to tell how compelling it will be until it's over, but it should be a treasure trove of story ideas and blog posts if nothing else.

2 - Zetta's Foal: At some point our former trainee, One for Zetta, is going to be a mom. As you may recall she was beautifully comformed and she has a way of moving that is effortless and breezy. Part of the deal turning her over to her new owner was that we would get a piece of her foal if she were bred should we want to move in that direction. I plan on working with her owner, Brenda, in chronicling her foal's progress. Again, may not be a best-seller, but should be another gold mine for stories!

It's amazing how much creativity flows through you when you have a clear mind.

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