Thursday, November 25, 2010

Big Thanks From a Small Time Guy

We haven't had a stakes winner yet and our stable has only been as large as three horses (though we're working on that!) but there is still a lot to be thankful for in 2010 - big picture and our our own window:

- Thanks to our partners. Without you we wouldn't be racing at all. Some of you have had a great ride, others not so great but almost down to a person (I'm NOT thankful for the one guy that stiffed us) you all understood the ups and downs of this business. We'll get you your winner!

- Thanks to Bernell & Cindy Rhone, Dean & Leann Butler and Christine Riddle. Our horses could not be entrusted to better people. It's one thing to be good horse people, that's hard enough, to be the the quality of people that you are - that's something special.

- Thanks to Tabby Lane & One For Zetta. Without horses, nothing is possible. Tabby started the season off with a bang and finished with some rest while Zetta never made it to the racetrack. Tabby taught us to stop making plans more than one race at a time while Zetta taught us patience and having the strength to do the right thing. Love you ladies!

- Thanks to all the unsung barn help - the grooms, exercise riders and others on the backside who go nameless and sometimes even faceless but whose love for the horse and dedication to being there every day makes our world run.

- To all the vets that keep our horses healthy and try and put them back together again, I thank you.

- Zenyatta. Thanks to a wonderful race mare who came back one last time but fell short only to further illuminate her greatness. She may be a once in a half century horse and I'm glad I saw her.

- Uncle Mo. For a crushing Breeder's Cup win, but more for continuing to stoke the winter fires with the can he/can't he Derby talk.

- Randy Sampson, Jeff Maday, Paul Alen, Kevin Gorg and all the folks that make Canterbury Park tick. Find me a racetrack where there is more fun, excitement and management interaction with the fans than at Canterbury Park and I won't believe you. Great job folks and thanks for the 62 dates next year. Good luck with the legislature!

- Special thanks to Jeff Maday and his staff in the press box for allowing me to blog there on big days and making me feel welcome.

- Brenda Rick, Leslie Morley, Darla Jefferies, Karin Wagner and folks all over the country who strive to protect, retrain and mend our retired racehorses. The job is too big for everyone involved - I hope the job gets smaller over time. Thanks for all you do.

- And to all my friends in racing: thanks again for sharing your thoughts, insights, hopes, dreams, wins and losses with me. That includes the bloggers on the left but also all of the folks whom I've met along the way that are now close to me in this world.

Have a safe, healthy and happy Thanksgiving everyone! And thank YOU for reading!

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