Wednesday, April 28, 2010

On the Backside...Whoa-Ohhh

Yup - you're supposed to sing the title like that song from "Eddie and the Cruisers"!

This has been an EXTREMELY long month for me, not just because it's the last full month before live racing begins at Canterbury Park, but because through the month of April I spent exactly 6 full days at home (4 if you count the night my wife and I spent away concert-going to belatedly celebrate our anniversary which I missed in my travels). Needless to say, blogging and the radio show took the hit though I did manage to be able to keep partners updated and keep the stable moving along.

Yesterday morning I arose around 4 AM to catch my last flight of the month back to the Twin Cities and when I landed I finally got to get over to the back side. I did my licensing bit up front and then headed on back to visit. I found Tabby Lane in her stall fresh from a romp around the oval and a bath. She lived up to all expectations finally meeting her in person: tall, athletic and gentle as all get out. It truly is almost hard to believe that she is as much of a competitor as she is with her demeanor. Cindy Rhone took some time to introduce us and even present me with our first racing trophy - a silver plate she won the first time back for us.

I have to take a minute here to praise the barn folks in general and Cindy in particular. To take care of a stable full of living, breathing, high strung (mostly) athletes is difficult under the best of conditions. It's a seven day a week job, period. The barn help was supposed to arrive yesterday, but that hadn't happened yet and while the Rhone barn is only about a third full at this point, it's still a truckload of work and Cindy was handling it all like a champ. Yet she still was able to take the time to talk with me for a few. I swear if I didn't have to be in the office (and if I dressed for it), I would have grabbed a pitchfork and dug in myself - after being told exactly what to do, of course! Amazing people who don't get near enough credit.

Tabby is doing well and we're still looking at pointing her to a race next week at Prairie Meadows. I also stopped by to see Chris Riddle and get a brief update on One for Zetta. She was also in the process of getting horses to settle in so Zetta will stay on the training farm a little while longer until the backside is full up and the activity level settles down into a daily routine. Thankfully she is doing well and learning more and more every day. Her progress is steadily moving forward and for that I am thankful. It was great to be on the backside again. Sadly this one was a short visit, though I am looking forward to being able to hang out a bit more, watch some works and grabbing breakfast in the kitchen. My version of heaven.

Welcome back everyone!

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