Monday, March 29, 2010

Diplo 2nd; Hello Race Fans Adds New Feature

Diplo Second at Santa Anita

Diplo is still the bridesmaid and not the bride. Despite an excellent race, he finished a relatively distant second to Summers at Delmar at Santa Anita yesterday afternoon. He was back at the $32,000 Maiden Claiming level after some forays up the ladder to $40,000 (Cal Bred) and $50,000. The race was seven furlongs over the Pro-Ride which appears to be his favored distance.

This trip, he broke alertly and Rafael Bejerano let him move up in to the top four rather than be taken back in the pack. He tracked the leaders well through the turn where he seemed to get into a little bit of trouble getting boxed in. Bejerano was patient and when the hole opened up he went, but by then Summers at Delmar had already circled the field, had shaken clear and sailed to the finish over 5 lengths to the good. The good news, though, is that behind Diplo there was almost 3 lengths to third making him "clearly the best of the rest" according to the chart caller.

He's certainly paying the bills and it will be nice when he finally earns that first win.

Hello Race Fans Adds Index to Site

First off, if you haven't been over to the site, take a click trip and head on over. They have all kinds of information to help you get to know racing a bit better whether you are a novice or an expert. Recently added to the site is an index page which reports the results of a survey among experts on a given topic. Kicking off this feature is the Top 5 Handicapping Books of all time. Yours truly along with a group of other industry experts gave our opinions on what we consider to be the best handicapping books on the market. I hope you enjoy the breakdown and even add a few to your library!

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