Monday, January 4, 2010

Here We Go...Welcome 2010

You could say that I'm a little late in wishing everyone a Happy New Year. You would, in fact, be correct! Still, to all of you out there, I hope that the coming year brings you much success, joy, health and happiness.

It has been a long time since the last entry here - at least for me it has been. For two weeks to go by with nary a word is simply not like me at all. However, it was a very eventful couple of weeks around here which kept me from my appointed racing rounds. You could say that I took a couple of weeks off and connected with family. The younger two boys were up from their mom's and my parents came in from Boston for a few days between the holidays so I took the opportunity to wind down and focus on them. We had a three day snow storm (much like those of you in the Northeast experienced the past few days) and some sub zero temperatures to usher in Christmas and the New Year. But now it's time to gear up and get focused again on the 2010 racing season.

Right now we are at about 75% of our goal for the 2010 claiming partnership. The interest level is very high this winter compared to last winter, which is nice to see, but we're not quite there yet. However in the next few weeks we're going to get serious about looking and either work with what we have or try and get a few more folks together. The next few weeks is also about getting K-1s out to everyone, or at least the financial information to the accountants so they can be completed in a timely manner. There is nothing worse than waiting until the last minute to get the K-1 from your partnership so I'm going to try and get all the information out by the end of this week and get it off of my plate on onto the accountant's plate.

Blog Talk Radio

Wednesday night's show is going to feature a conversation with Alysse Jacobs. Alysse works in horseman relations for NYRA and also helps out the track photographer from time to time. It should be an entertaining half hour and will bring some East Coast balance to the show which has been slanting Westward recently. I hope that you'll join us at 9 PM Central Time!


QQ said...

Ted - I have no idea how you can stand the cold up there in Minnesota. Congrats on such good spirits in the face of the gosh darn elements! And Happy New Year!

Ted Grevelis said...

It has been particularly nasty lately... It's the 130 days until Canterbury opens that keeps me goin! Happy New Year to you and the King as well!