Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Every Year This Happens

Maybe it's the holidays. Maybe it's not having a horse in training. Maybe I'm just uninspired when it's fifteen degrees below zero. Whatever it is, this time of year ends up leaving a bunch of holes in the blog roll. At least fellow blogger, the Aspiring Horseplayer, has an excuse - his team just won the NCAA Football National Championship. Throw that run in with the Holiday Season and who can blame him? Me? I don't have that as an excuse. In fact, with the Celtics injury issues and the Patriot's completely and utterly laying an egg along with BC not being able to compete with a scaled down version of USC, I really have no excuses. Yet, this happens each and every year.

Well, that is about to change! I'm slowly starting to feel inspired again. Maybe it's because I purchased a small interest in a Cal-bred gelding with some friends and I'm back in at Santa Anita again. It could be because I spent the weekend watching live and taped races looking from Tampa Bay Downs now that we're close to closing out the 2010 Claiming Partnership (still about 20% available if you're interested!). Derby preps and the Road to the Triple Crown is about to start in earnest - that's always a blood pumper as well.

I need to start trying to find some balance between the written blog and the radio blog as well. Sometimes I pass on things to write about because I figure I'll tackle it on the Show. I end up landing a fun interview instead and then the entire topic fades away. I downloaded an App on the iPhone that allows me to record my thoughts, so I think when something comes to me I'm going to record some thoughts and get them down on here as soon as I can.

Hopefully we're going to start tomorrow with the unveiling of our newest runner. At least one that I have a minor piece. The big purchase will probably take a few more weeks, but stay tuned for that. I just hope that he or she can bring us the type of excitement that Fizzy Pop brought us. The financial return was nice, to a point. You'll recall that the group was also heavily invested in Miss Belle Express who went down with a shattered knee shortly before her first race. Devastating emotionally, for sure, but it also killed the group's profitability. Fizzy was able to come back strongly and almost make it all up, but we still ended up a bit behind where we started. Three pictures on the wall and 18 months of pure joy was well worth it!

Lookout 2010, here I come!


Union Square said...

Blogging is tough because it asks something new and varied of you every day!

I personally don't know how anyone can write if they don't have stalls to clean. From school essays to nationally printed articles, I've come up with nearly everything I've ever written while mucking out.

Maybe you need a horse around the house!

Kevin - The Aspiring Horseplayer said...

I feel ya bro - it's hard this time of year. Just nothing to get that excited about. But now we've got Oaklawn opening up and the preps start to come around.

It's time to get back on the horse! :-)

Roll Tide