Thursday, August 27, 2009

It Was Fun...But Needs Work

So the first installment of this Blog on live radio is in the archives on Blog Talk Radio. It was a fun experience, but after reviewing the game films, there is much I need to work on. Here is a brief recap of what I learned last night:

  • I was still plagued by the "ums". Not as badly as in the rehearsals, but still there.
  • I need to slow down a bit. Anything I had that was prepared sounds like I rushed through it.
  • I need to have more prepared material. Until things get rolling and there are enough callers to support the format, I have to be prepared to go the distance solo.
  • The audio needs work. I need to touch base with the BTR folks and find out why the feed is so choppy. It's distracting and off-putting - the last two things I need while trying to get this rolling.
I did manage A caller (bless you, Lloyd) and 18 live listeners. Certainly not stellar, but then again, neither was I! Since last night the broadcast has been downloaded about a dozen times, which is nice as well. So the potential is there but to reach it I need to do better. The game plan is to learn off of this experience, keep practicing and keep going.

Topics that I hope to cover in future segments include drugs in racing, the surface debate, retiring racehorses and year round racing. You can listen to an archived recording of the show by clicking the link above or the Blog Talk Radio button on the top left of the page. If you have any other ideas and/or thoughts, please fire them my way. I would appreciate it.


Anonymous said...

You did a great job. I wanted to call in, but I would have ended up waking up everyone else in the house in the process. Perhaps for future installments, I will have to provide everyone with fair warning.

Keep it up! Can't wait for the next episode!

Lloyd Dalmacio said...

Thanks for letting me be the 1st caller ever on the show. If nothing else noteworthy happens in my life, at least I have that distinction.

Two things I need to do for the future is to turn off the radio while I'm on a call, and to speak a little louder.

There were times when I was on the phone where I could not hear you or the voice stream was choppy.

Other than that, I had fun on the radio last night. Don't worry about having no callers, if you want to talk horse racing, I'm always available with my insights and comments.

Looking forward to next week. Keep up the good work.

QQ said...

Congrats, Ted! Sorry I missed it live, but we go to bed early here in Corn Country. I'm betting you've got the kinks out by the Breeder's Cup. Meanwhle, if you're ever doing a show on racetrack reading, drop me a note!

PEM said...

Damn I am sorry I missed it! Will be there next week I am sure. Practice makes perfect baby!



Ted Grevelis said...

Thanks, folks! I appreciate the support. Feel free to call in at anytime! It was fun and in the near future podcasts of the show will be available on iTunes, which probably won't do much, but I DO like saying it!