Saturday, July 25, 2009


We're about 10 minutes to post for the Tiara. It looks like Ted is all about the chalk today as his choice Mizzcan'tbewrong looks to go postward as the favorite. Right now she's 8-5.

Bernell has a horse in this one, Couple Whiles. She doesn't appear to figure, but she's been training well and likes to come off the pace in a race with loads of early speed. We're on the grass, so closers figure to do pretty well. The four horse, Tour d'Aura, has received a lot of notice in the press box based upon her stellar looks coming into the race. She's calm, appears happy and confident and her coat absolutely glows.

Some late money is flowing into Love to Tell as she's been dropping steadily and is now within a couple hundred dollars of overtaking Mizzcan'tbewrong as the favorite.

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