Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Our First Stakes Nomination

Fizzy Pop is now stakes nominated. He's not going to run in it, but he was nominated. We nominated along with 31 other horses for the $50,000 Brooks Fields Stakes at 7.5 furlongs over the turf. I called Bernell this morning and was ready to beg to not run in it. To be honest, Fiz hasn't earned it. He failed at $25,000 optional claiming last out and would really need to be able to handle that kind in order to be competitive in the field. Let's not forget that the highest level he has won at without help from a DQ since we got him last March is $16,000. Some accomplishments of the potential field:

- Arizona Breeder's Derby Champion

- Rossi Gold Stakes Champion

- John Wayne Stakes Champion

- Hot Springs Stakes Champion

- 10,000 Lakes Stakes Champion

- Illinois Owner's Stakes Champion

In addition there are numerous Starter Allowance, Allowance and Starter Handicap winners. Fizzy is a hard worker, but he last won a race on his own (no DQ) last May 25th. It doesn't really stack up for our boy. A few in this potential field have already beaten him as well.

What this was (the nomination was free) was just an opportunity to see the potential field. You never know how these are going to come up - especially theses days with all the short fields around. This one looks like it'll come up pretty tough...at least for Fiz. It was pretty exciting to see your horse's name on a stakes nomination list. I'm sure better when it's in the stakes entries. And even better still at the top of the results chart!

We won't run - even with the bullet five furlong work he put in this morning - but it was an honor just to be nominated.

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Anonymous said...

I am on a mission this year to get people interested in our little Omaha Nebraska track. Fizz might just fit with the level of competition during our short (4day) meet. Check out horsemen's park. I would love to see your little guy run in person. I admit, I love the name!