Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Looking for a Win/Out of the Blue

Looking For A Win

I Am Woman drops deep tonight looking to get off the snide and back into the winning column. She's going in the 4th tonight at Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs. As always it's a mile pace but she's dropping way down to the $5,000 claiming level. She's never been that low and it is rock bottom at Pocono. At least she's racing for $4400 as opposed to only $3200 at the $8000 level in Chicago. She may get claimed down here, but if she does, she does. While she's been perfectly placed two races in a row, she's completely failed to fire and finished at the back of the pack. She was competitive in Chicago, but so far she's been a disappointment in NY/PA.

I appreciate that the folks at VIP are shooting for the win and willing to cut our losses if she does get claimed. Yes, she's a career money loser for us even if she wins and gets claimed, but at some point you have to cut your losses and move on. She's healthy and can be competitive at a certain level - but Late Closing company is not that level. Before she develops a habit of losing, she needs to get back where she can win and then she can try to be brought up the ladder from there.

Here is the run down of the field:

1 Fire Me: after breaking two back, came back weakly in last.

2 Lilly Valle N: Been flat since dropping into this level.


4 Outten Front: Showed nothing against lesser.

5 Cajun Angel: Has not shown anything since return.

6 Commissioned N: Sharp at this level, but from more inner posts.

7 Jovial Charm: Been a bit flat at this level, but has posted some quick miles.

8 Intimate Hall: Two nice efforts at this level, but from much closer to the rail.

9 Corky's Baylor: Posted a nice second here two starts back.

I Am Woman is the second choice in the morning line behind Commissioned N. It makes sense to me, though I am concerned that she hasn't traveled as quickly as many of these. She's coming down in class pretty steeply and her speed rating is in line with these. She should get some money here and has a good chance at winning. Anything can happen, which is why they run the race, but she should do pretty well in with these.

Out of the Blue

Sometimes I go a few days and just feel like I have nothing to blog about. I hit a block or nothing really strikes my fancy. Today we have I Am Woman racing and last night a potential opportunity fell into my lap. That's why we have a two-fer today!

To back-up a bit, earlier this year I tried to get folks together to perhaps race at Running Aces Harness Park here in Minnesota. There were really no takers and I could not get a trainer dialed in to save my life. I didn't even put this on the back burner, I dismissed it altogether!

Out of the blue last night I received an e-mail from a long time harness racing fan/promoter asking me simply: have you thought of racing at Running Aces? I responded with my standard: Yes, but not a lot of interest and I can't get a trainer's attention. Turns out this fellow is connected to a trainer at Running Aces and there is some mid-range stock for sale: complete with trainer (who is winning at a 20% clip no less!). The idea is to buy into the horses with two separate groups (two horses each) and race them at Running Aces through the summer, Prairie Meadows in the fall and sell them off at the sale in Ohio in November. Short term, plenty of action and an end date. There are some kinks to work out, but there has been some response to the rough outline already.

It may not come to fruition, but it's amazing what comes your way when you're not looking for it!


Mitchell said...

5th place love! I own some w VIP as well. Line of Fire N and a nice piece of River Shark who is in the Hoosier Cup this Saturday, running for a $500,000 purse.

Anonymous said...

anything happen with the running aces deal? i know of quite a few people up there and curiosity killed the cat!

Ted Grevelis said...

Anon - Nothing for this year but we'll keep our eyes open for next season. I'll be posting as next spring gets closer that we'll be on the lookout. Hopefully the economy cooperates and frees up some money for folks. It really is a fun ride.