Friday, May 22, 2009

HANA Targets Home!

The Horseplayers Association of North America (HANA), a group of horseplayers of which I am a member, has targeted our very own Canterbury Park for this week's "BUYcott". HANA has been targeting racetracks and, more specifically, a single race or wager (pick 3, for example) at the track to illustrate the power of the bettor when we all band together. So far HANA targeted races and wagers have jacked up the pools, in some cases, close to 100%!! The thought is if we can show the industry folks how powerful we can be when united, we can help affect change. Lower takeouts being primary on that list of change, but other reasons as well. You can read all about the genesis of this idea at HANA's blog.

Here is HANA's mission statement from their website:

"H.A.N.A. is committed to giving horseplayers a voice. By banding together we can bring about change and compel the horseracing industry do something it has never done: actually listen to its customers. By making them aware of customer needs and wants we can motivate track management and horseman's groups to reverse course and start doing the things needed to bring the game of horseracing back to the prominence and greatness it so richly deserves. "

This week HANA has driven up I-35 (last Pool Party was at Prairie Meadows) and chose race 8 at Canterbury. It's a field of 11 fillies and mares going a mile over the turf course. They're available to be claimed for between $7,500 and $10,000 if you have your money at the ready. Join the Pool Party and help make a difference. And while you're at it, join HANA. It's quick. It's free and you can lend your voice to the discussion on how to make our game better and help it thrive, not just survive!

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Jack said...

Hi Ted,

Just an FYI that race 8 is OFF the turf today. Lucky for us race 6 is still on the grass and I'm guessing that with only 6 entries and most are primarily turf that they might have had a problem if they move this race to the dirt.