Thursday, April 23, 2009

Writer's Frustration

This is kind of like writer's block except that you get so frustrated that you don't know what to write. When I started this blog, though, I promised to share all aspects of horse ownership and frustration sure is a part of it.

This year she came out of the blocks on fire, but after those first three wins, she's been average at best. Today unfolded pretty much like I thought it might - though with a decidedly different result. Marg's Ideal raced out to a quick lead as she is wont to do and I Am Woman followed. Unfortunately, Fancy Creek Queen kept I Am Woman parked through the turn until she finally made the pocket when they straightened out. I had a hunch it was over for her then...I was right.

As they made their second pass on the half mile oval at Maywood Park, Real Peachy made a bid for the lead and locked our gal in. The sad thing - Peachy didn't stand a chance in this one but pretty much sealed our fate. Nothing opened up until they straightened for home and when driver Brandon Simpson asked her she had nothing and faded to fourth. In the interim, Maggies' Dream, three wide throughout the last quarter, dropped in class and smoked the field in a very impressive performance.

We got beat by a better mare tonight - I just hope now we stop spending money on Late Closer's that I Am Woman clearly cannot compete in yet...and may never. Nothing wrong with being a low level claimer but at least know it and adjust accordingly.

The again, maybe it's the writer's frustration talking...maybe that's all it is...

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