Friday, April 3, 2009

Meadowlands Pick 6

I'm part of a group tonight trying to nail the over $200,000 (expected) pick 6. I'm going to post the results later on, but will Tweet during the evening. We're 2 minutes to post and here is the entire ticket:

Race 4 - 1,2,3,5,8,9,10
Race 5 - 1,2,6,7
Race 6 - 2,6,7
Race 7 - 1,4,7
Race 8 - 2,6,8
Race 9 - 2,3

Pretty deep in the wide open first. My picks separately were:

Race 4 - 2,3
Race 5 - 1,6,7
Race 6 - 1,2,7
Race 7 - 9
Race 8 - 2,6
Race 9 - 3,7,8

Some of my choices made it to the main ticket, others didn't. We'll see how it goes!


Not more than 2 minutes after this was posted the 6 horse wins the first and places out clear of the picture for the Pick 6. We bounced back with chalky wins in the second and third legs but was bounced out for good after the 9 horse wins the fourth leg. Ironically he was my single in that race (see 7th race above) but he wasn't used in the big ticket. That said, you can't use everyone's pick and she had early speed and the way outside post so at 3-1 he was a lower odds horse that seemed to warrant dismissal. Apparently not. We completely whiffed the 8th race so any consolation was out the window even though the winner was only 5/2 we still missed her and we were out of anything. In the finale, longshot filly Showmeyourmuscles upsets the field and will create a carryover of over $400,000 tomorrow and total prize of probably half a million dollars. You can bet we'll be back at it tomorrow!

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Lou F said...

Tomorrow is a million dollar pick 6 - the 4th and 9th killed everyone tonight...we'll also be back tomorrow. Good Luck