Monday, March 23, 2009

"She Looks Like a Million Bucks"

Glad to hear it. After almost a month away from the racetrack, Miss Belle Express (Mocha Express - Tonya Belle - Best of Both) is back in the Rhone Barn and looking at her first timed work in over a month later in the week. Here is what we know so far:

- She has not tied up in two months since she was treated for the issue. Whew;

- Since she has had her time away, she has lost all heat in the sore shin and, thankfully, has not returned since galloping over the racing surface for a week now;

- She is dappled, bright eyed and well muscled. Our trainer was pleasantly surprised at how little fitness she lost at the farm. Great news;

- She is moving steadily toward her work later this week and there is now the very real possibility that she'll get one, maybe even two, starts in at Tampa Bay before coming north in May.

- She has burned through her group's initial cash outlay and now I'm going back and letting them all know that we need to kick in another three months worth of estimated expenses to carry us through May. Depressing for them, I'm sure, when they haven't seen her race yet.

What we don't know:

- How the shin will react to a hard work;

- Is she fast enough?

The good is all good. What we don't know, however, is big. I suspect the shin will be fine. She would have shown some soreness by now and everything has been great and the vet is confident that we've cleared that hurdle. How fast? Well, that is the age old question, isn't it? It's also one that we won't know the answer to until she steps into the starting gate a few weeks from now and runs with purpose.

She has smooth action, is focused when she's on the track, a quick learner and appears to be aggressive when she gets out there. She looks like a million bucks. I know it's asking a lot, but please let her be fast...

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