Sunday, March 1, 2009

I Am Woman Faces NW2 at Balmoral

Getting the first win was a surprise. Getting the second win will be tougher now that her secret - her big stretch kick - is out and she's facing winners for the first time. I Am Woman is entered in the 4th race at Balmoral this evening. The race is a Non-Winners of 2LT to be Claimed for $12,000. She'll leave from the 7 hole again (which proved not to be much of a hindrance last week) with Brandon Simpson in the bike.

1. Life of Reilly: Leaving from the inside, the last time Riley hit the board was coincidentally the last time she was inside (2). She's show very little at this level so far.

2. Go Get Satin: Since her maiden win she's been drilled each start since.

3. Johns Lil Sis: Maiden taking on winners. After 28 starts, this does not figure to be the one.

4. Ms. Dock Johnson II: Been in the top four in each start this year with a second and this. Moves a bit inside from last and should be close all the way around.

5. Screamin Rita: Broke last out after being interfered with the week after her maiden win. Isn't afraid of the middle of the track and trip could be a copy of the maiden win.

6. Fox Valley Hooray: A second and third in her two starts this year and a consistent sub two minute miler which is more than the rest of the field can say. The one to beat today.


8. Jokers Lil Alibi: Has not been very effective at the higher NW2 no tag races and drops in for $10,000 here. The drop could get her a piece.

9. No Doubt: Scratched sick last out after being distanced the week before. It'll take more than she has to win this one.

Outside of Fox Valley Hooray, the field is pretty wide open. While I Am Woman is the only one climbing into this level for the first time that actually has a win, if she improves off that first '09 start she could get her. Her win time was slow, but maybe she just did what she had to in order to win? We'll learn more tonight. She sure seems solid for a piece of the pie. The parallel to Fizzy's race yesterday is interesting: both have a legitimate shot, both have questions and both races have a seeming ringer in the race. It'll be fun to watch and I hope I have a chance of being there as I have to pass through Chicago for work anyhow. We'll see if I can time it OK...well, if BOTH of us can time it OK!

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